Discover how to fully utilise your Soul in your mediumship

Online seminar with Mavis Pittilla

Join World renowned Mavis Pittilla, the doyen of British mediumship, as she shares with you over 50 plus years of her experience and knowledge of working with the discarnate and incarnate souls


Do you recognise your Soul?


Understand the role of your Soul in mediumship?


Do you use your Soul fully?


Do you want to use it more effectively?

This webinar will explore the full potential of your Soul and how to fully utilise it for the enrichment and betterment of both worlds.

“To ensure the most effective and impactful communication, in every situation, your own soul’s power needs to be operating fully. Many mediums do not realise the enormous power they have within them.”

- Mavis Pittilla

Saturday February 1st 2020 

5:00pm - 6:30pm UK time. 

In the USA this is 9am Pacific, 10m Mountain, 11 am Central and 12pm Eastern


Following the event all who join will be sent a private link to the recorded seminar.